Gregson Electrical opened for business in 2010, with the aim to build a successful company around the core values listed below:

  • We will provide honest and well informed advice to our customers, so that when they spend their money, they spend it on what they and need and not what makes us the most money.
  • We will go the extra mile to ensure our clients are completely looked after during planning, installation, commissioning and after care.
  • We will look to build long lasting relationships with all our clients regardless of size and for this there must be trust, honesty and a wiliness to look past the problem and find the solution.

In our relatively short life, we have grown the company from a small business that sub-contracted most of its work from larger businesses, to one that now has 7 staff and provides work for around ten specialist companies meaning we can offer a large selection of services with one point of contact.

During our growth we have never moved away from the core values we set out with in 2010, we have simply applied them to larger clients and projects and have found them to be the back bone of our success.

Our clients list now includes

Fraser Projects